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The evolution of gaming

Dope Wars is a fully decentralized, community driven, gaming metaverse project inspired by hip-hop culture.

An open source blockchain gaming ecosystem

We're bootstrapping a modern-day GTA-inspired metaverse and series of games built by our decentralized game studio on the Ethereum blockchain, inspired by the classic Drugwars game that many of us played growing up.

Our open environment allows developers and contributors to produce their own limitless games for the Dope Wars NFT holders.

Powered by NFTs

To get in the game, you need a Hustler. Hustlers are configurable NFT characters that can equip and unequip NFT Gear.

All of these NFTs can be traded on the secondary market. Level your character up, increase their value.

Decentralized where it counts

Dope Wars is also an experiment in decentralized project finance and governance using a DAO. We have no VC funding. All of our treasury's revenue comes from royalties of NFT sales.

Hustlers are your character in Dope Wars

Get in the game with a Hustler

Don't confuse Hustlers with basic "PFP" projects. Hustlers are fully-configurable characters that can be upgraded by acquiring Dope Gear NFTs and playing our upcoming games.

Hustlers unlock multiple game experiences. Better equipped Hustlers have higher chances of winning.

More about Hustlers on our Player's Guide.


Available Now

Dope NFT #1Completed

Q3 2021

8,000 randomized, limited-edition NFT bundles of $PAPER and Gear were released September 2021 during a fair-mint, costing only gas.

The NFT community responded to our new idea of building a hip-hop gaming metaverse from the ground up by funding our project with over $1M USD in royalties over the first few weeks of sales.

Each ERC-721 DOPE NFT allows you to build a Hustler character to be used in our upcoming games, and provides an equal Governance Vote on Proposals from the DAO.


$PAPER ERC20 TokenCompleted

Q3 2021

PAPER is an Ethereum ERC-20 token , and the in-game currency of Dope Wars.

PAPER was originally distributed through a claimable amount of 125,000 per DOPE NFT. Each NFT allows a claim of 125,000 $PAPER once and only once — and regardless of the current holder the NFT does not allow for more than one claim.



Q4 2021

Gear are interchangeable pieces of equipment that live on the L2 Optimism blockchain as ERC-1155 tokens. They are created by Claiming an original DOPE NFT. This Claim process produces 9 separate NFT items that can be traded and equipped independently of one another, using our custom marketplace for low gas fees.

Gear is tradeable on our Swap Meet and on 3rd party marketplaces like Quixotic.


In-game Hustler CharactersCompleted

Q4 2021

Hustlers are bleeding edge, fully-customizable in-game characters and profile pictures created by Claiming Gear from an original DOPE NFT then minting a Hustler NFT on the Optimism L2 network for low gas fees. All Hustler artwork is stored on the blockchain and can be changed at any time using our Swap Meet.

Hustlers will soon be tradeable on our Swap Meet, but are available now to be traded on Quixotic.

Dope Wars Mugshot

Q1 2022

Dope Wars Mugshots are photo snapshots of Hustlers from the Dope Wars metaverse represented as ERC-721 tokens on Ethereum Mainnet.

Our Hustler NFTs are so cutting-edge that apps like OpenSea and Rainbow won't support them for some time. Mugshots are a casual and fun way to bring pictures of your Hustlers to Mainnet via a simple NFT token.

You can feature your Mugshots in common wallets and websites. Your friends, family, and that crush will finally see how gangster NFTs, Dope Wars, and you really are. As Twitter and others add verified NFT profile photos you'll be able to use your Mugshots and command internet respect. You can also sell Mugshots of your dopest Hustlers on popular exchanges.

Free Accessory AirdropCompleted

Lunar New Year Airdrop
Q1 2022

Feb 1st — Feb 15th we're celebrating the Lunar New Year with a free Gear Accessory drop from Chinatown. All Hustlers created before January 31st, 2022 were eligible.


DOPE Mix Volume 1Completed

DOPE Mix Volume 1 by DJ Green Lantern & Original Dope Wars EP
Q1 2022

The world famous DJ Green Lantern dropped an exclusive original, certified hip-hop mix specifically made for Dope Wars that was launched in-game and streamed live on Twitch.

Currently, an original music EP is being produced with top name artists in the rap game with help from DOPE DAO member Shecky Green of The Source Magazine.


Coming Next™

WEB3 Integration + More

Using your Dope Wars Hustler as an in-game character, jump into the action on Worldwide Webb — an interoperable pixel metaverse.

Purchasing a Dope Wars Hustler gives you access to a pluggable game character that we are working to place in multiple game environments. Some of those produced by us and others that have yet to be dreamed up.

Game on Starknet

Game on Starknet

Inspired by the classic games of yesterday, we're adapting the classic gameplay of drug arbitrage and launching it all on the zero-knowledge proof blockchain Starknet.

Our giga-brain shadow coder Perama has already made amazing progress on the game engine which has been under construction for months, and co-funded by the StarkWare team.

Swap Meet

Swap Meet

Buy, sell, and trade DOPE, Hustlers, Gear, and more on our Dope Wars Marketplace, or Swap Meet. Powered by the L2 Optimism network, all transactions will happen quickly with almost nothing spent in gas fees.

All transactions on our Swap Meet will feed 5% royalties to the DAO treasury, which enables us to continue funding this project with no VC investment.



Stake your DOPE and PAPER tokens to earn STREETCRED – then use that to purchase our metaverse territories that will help you in game…with your GANG.

TURF is a proposed expansion of DOPE and is designed to act as a multi-player location lego for the Dope Wars ecosystem. It uses the existing DOPE item locations for Cities, while providing more granular locations by also including Districts, Hoods and Plots.

Our proposal allows for enhanced game mechanics and a blueprint of land ownership rights for the Dope Wars Metaverse.


How does the DAO work?

To fund the DOPE DAO treasury we've established a 5% royalty payment on each sale, held by the DAO until released by community vote.

Community members draft proposals to use these funds on projects that are then voted on by DOPE NFT holders. This governance structure is how we're able to continue building the DOPE WARS ecosystem with a loose collection of shifting contributors.

What is the supply of $PAPER?

The supply of paper is currently fixed at 1.5 billion. In June 2022 the DAO voted to increase the supply by 500M, which is held in our treasury. This PAPER is being held to incentivize future contributors, and potentially to fund future development in private token sales. When details of the economy in-game and in the broader ecosystem get closer to the end of the design stage the DAO may remove the ability to increase the supply of $PAPER from the contract entirely.

👉 What WOLF CRYPTO has to say about DOPE WARS + $PAPER 👈

For more

Including how to purchase your first DOPE NFT, how to get involved with the project, or what "the game" will be like

👉 Please see our Wiki and Players Guide

About this site

Our first project is to provide a portal for the DOPE WARS ecosystem right here. Additional experiences like the game will be hosted here.

You can connect an Ethereum Wallet to see all of the DOPE NFT’s that you have purchased.

Claim Gear, create a Hustler, and trade individual Gear with other players to equip your Hustler in our SWAP MEET.